The Afghan Health Leadership Consortium

The Afghan Health Leadership Consortium led by the Afghan Coalition is comprised of other community-based organizations, as well as civic and municipal agencies that provide services to the Afghan community throughout Alameda County and the greater Bay Area. AHLC meetings are held quarterly and facilitated by Dr. Valerie Smith, Certified Health Education Specialist. During the Covid pandemic and following afterwards, the Consortium meetings have been held virtually expanding the participation beyond the Bay Area throughout the state and beyond. The health topics discussed are unique to the Afghan Community and are focused to service providers, educators and community leaders. After the crisis in Afghanistan, the focus of the Consortium was on issues relating to the needs and problems of the new arrivals and solutions that addressed those special needs. Recent topics covered at the Consortium Meetings have been Refugee Resettlement-Welcoming Afghan Arrivals, Understanding Afghan Arrivals, and Afghanistan One Year Out: Families in Transition.