TEAM (Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple-Languages) and CHANGES (Community Help and Awareness of Natural Gas and Electric Services) are programs by the California Public Utilities Commission that serves to help you understand your utility bills better.

Feel like your phone or gas bill is getting higher every month? See charges that you don’t recognize or were you scammed into purchasing a phone plan that you don’t need?

TEAM and CHANGES will help you cut back on any extra utility charges you shouldn’t be paying for. If you see any unnecessary charges or misleading ads, call Afghan Coalition for help and ask for Team and Changes services.

Phone Bills

Slamming is when you purchase a phone plan or service with one company or carrier, and your service is suddenly transferred to another company without your knowledge or permission.

​Cramming is when your phone bill is wracked with charges without your knowledge. These charges can range from anything, but can be unnecessary charges that you shouldn't have to pay for.

Unauthorized Third Party Charges is when a phone company offers apps or long distance calling plans, for example, from third party companies and bill you for these services as extra charges. Make sure you are aware when you or someone who is using your phone purchases any of these third party services or apps because you will be charged for it.

Utility Bills

CHANGES works to serve consumers who have limited English speaking abilities to help them understand their utility bills better. CHANGES offers consumer education and assistance with filing a complaint in the instance where the energy or utility bill is compromised. Send us your information and your utility bill if you believe you are paying for unnecessary charges or need help understanding your bill.

What To Do

If you have any questions or need help understanding your phone and or utility bills, bring them over to the Afghan Coalition and we will help you file any complaints and help you cut back your phone/utility bill so you do not need to pay any additional costs or fees.

Call us today for any questions at: 510-745-1680