Refugee Resettlement Services

In response to the recent refugee crisis in Afghanistan, Afghan Coalition has focused on the following areas to ensure needs are met for both the new arrivals and our existing clients:
  1. Responding to and tracking community emails/phone calls and in-person visits requesting information and assistance in meeting daily needs including food, clothing, housing, health care, employment and other social services. Assisting new arrivals to access these and other resources by connecting them to other NGO partners as appropriate.
  2. Meeting and collaborating with resettlements agencies and other NGOs to discuss each agencies programs/duties in an effort to provide more cohesive and efficient services to new arrivals. Afghan Coalition helped newcomer families to learn about, complete and submit ASIP applications for permanent housing. ASIP provided rental assistance for up to one year to help newly arriving refugee families to work toward self-sufficiency.
  3. Planning collaboration with other service providers to have a presence in the local school districts.
  4. Working closely with PARS, who is providing immigration legal services to local clients wanting to bring family in Afghanistan to the United States. Afghan Coalition staff has assisted with completing the PARS Afghan Support Intake forms both at the office and remotely. Staff is also providing emotional support to the community members requesting assistance with these forms.
  5. Conducting intake, needs assessment, providing temporary housing through Airbnb if needed and eligible, and case management services to follow up.
  6. Advocating for an additional three months of housing for new arrivals with state and other policymakers
  7. Providing Cultural Competency training to providers as requested such as Crisis Response of Alameda County.
  8. Providing culturally traditional foods for new arrivals settling in southern Alameda County area and the South Bay, particularly to residents housed in motels or hotels.
  9. Sponsoring community events around cultural celebrations to welcome the new arrivals and introduce them to other community members.
  10. Offering more workshops and/or support groups to help the local community to process the trauma of the unexpected recent events in Afghanistan and concern for family members.
  11. Finding new sources of funding for assistance with the resettlement efforts of new arrivals.
  12. Responding to and accommodating media requests when available.
  13. Expanding emergency crisis response resettlement efforts with a new AC Outreach Worker working in the cities of San Jose, Turlock and Modesto where hundreds of newly arrived refugees were being housed in motels, providing clothing distribution, hygiene packs, diapers, gift cards for essential basic needs and providing translation/interpretation services.
  14. Distribution to refugee youth of books from Hoopoe Books, laptops from Project Reach and backpacks with school supplies as youth enrolled in schools.
  15. Organizing Job Fairs in collaboration with local and national companies
  16. Distributing of bikes for new arrivals for transportation
  17. Provided on-site translation for two large events at Hayward Wellness for new arrivals completing a Health assessment.
  18. Provided cultural competency training to other agencies
  19. Provided driving lessons and assistance applying for California Driver’s License
  20. Rides sponsored by Uber for job interviews, doctors’ appointments, and Afghan Coalition office visits.
  21. Collaborating with the Grand National Movement of Afghanistan to organize and conduct worldwide virtual multilingual educational conferences regarding the Afghanistan crisis.

Special Thanks to Airbnb

Afghan Coalition received a grant to support our Afghan Refugee Crisis response for newcomers by providing temporary housing for one month and possibility longer for unique client needs. 

 Afghan Coalition acted as the gap between clients arriving in the area and when they received assurance services by the resettlement agencies. The Airbnb grant provided much needed shelter to those without family members or without assistance for housing. Over 200 families were provided temporary housing from October 2021 to August 2022.

An Airbnb client shared, “We had nothing when we came to America. We were so thankful to Afghan Coalition for providing us with temporary housing. It helped us start the process of understanding the system in the US and focus on adjusting to our new life.”

What is happening today?

Recent arrivals who are eligible for refugee resettlement services are referred to AC’s collaborative agencies such as the International Rescue Committee, Catholic Charities, IOM, Refugee Transition, Lao Community Development Agency, and La Familia among others. Afghan Coalition continues to provide ongoing services to the recently arrived refugees, hosting monthly youth activities/gathering, and facilitating support groups for men and women refugees. An important service to the new arrivals is cultural counseling assisting them to transition into a new environment and understanding the new rules and legal systems.