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The Afghan Coalition is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1996 and subject to financial reporting and audit. All funding restricted to programmatic activities will be used to provide support to the Afghan community. Any unrestricted funds will be used where the organization finds it critical to sustain activities. All contributed support is tax deductible.

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Formed in 1996, Afghan Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization. We are dedicated to strengthening Afghan families, improving their access to social services, and building a strong and united Afghan American community.

What we offer

Formed in 1996, Afghan Coalition is a non-profit community organization.


Afghan Wellness Program

The Prevention and Early Intervention Project is designed to provide culturally sensitive prevention and early intervention mental health services


Micro Enterpries Project

Since 2007, the Afghan Coalition’s emerging micro enterprise program has offered training in handicrafts, business training and English classes to women


Domestic Violence Support

Individuals in domestically violent situations or survivors of sexual assault are afraid to leave their current circumstances or seek assistance.


Team & Changes

TEAM and CHANGES are programs by the California Public Utilities Commission that serves to help you understand your utility bills better.


Youth Program

Our youth workers are community helpers that have completed over 60 hours of mental health training in prevention and early intervention


Community Kitchen

The kitchen will support micro-enterprise development, cooking and nutrition classes, and food preparation for food insecure community members.

Our Goal

What we do & how we started

For many years, Afghan Coalition has been the voice for various under-served groups in the Afghan community. Afghan Coalition has been providing domestic violence classes, and various services for the immigrant and refugee population. Services through the TEAM and CHANGES program have been served many individuals and families by listening to their needs and providing to them and connecting them with appropriate services.

The Afghan Wellness Project has been advocating for the need for mental health services for the Afghan community, particularly refugees and those who have recently arrived in the U.S.

0 %
of clients are below the poverty line
0 %
of Afghan women in Afghanistan suffer from Domestic Violence.
0 %
of Afghans in the Bay Area suffer from PTSD.

The need is great

  • Meeting and collaborating with resettlements agencies and other NGO to discuss each agencies programs/duties in an effort to provide more cohesive and efficient services to new arrivals.

  • Planning collaboration with another service provider to have a presence in the local school districts.

  • Working closely with PARS, who is providing immigration legal services to local clients wanting to bring family in Afghanistan to the United States. Afghan Coalition staff has assisted with completing the PARS Afghan Support Intake forms both at the office and remotely. Staff is also providing emotional support to the community members requesting assistance with these forms.

  • Efforts are being made for the Grand National Movement of Afghanistan to organize a World Wide conference in Afghanistan.

  • Responding to and tracking community emails/phone calls regarding offers to volunteer, provide jobs and/or housing to new arrivals. Referring these resources to other NGO as appropriate.

  • Trying to find resources to secure an additional 3 months of housing for new arrivals

  • Providing Cultural Competency training to providers as requested such as Crisis Response of Alameda County.

  • Offering more workshops and/or support groups to help the local community to process the trauma of the unexpected recent events in Afghanistan and concern for family members.

  • Finding new sources of funding for assistance with the resettlement efforts of new arrivals

  • Responding to and accommodating media requests when available.

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