The Afghan Coalition provides a variety of different services to the community. The AC is working to train and support community members to be civic-ally engaged so that they can create positive and effective change in community.

The Afghan Coalition also provides many services that are available to the public including: Cultural Counseling, assistance with Social Services, job-hunting, and translation. Other services include:

  • Mental Health for Adults Contact Wasima and Seema​ & for Youth Contact Nazanin 

    • Prevention Visits (Home, Phone, Virtual, Field, etc.)​

    • Prevention Counseling Visits with Dr. Masoud (Telehealth, Phone, Virtual)

    • Workshops Psychoeducation and Education (Virtual)

  • Domestic Violence for Families Contact: Seema

  • Keep Fremont House Contact Parween

  • English Literacy Classes Contact Seema

  • Cal-Fresh Enrollment Contact Rona and Seema

  • Social Service Advocacy Contact Nariman

  • TEAM & CHANGES Contact Nasreen

  • Micro-enterprise Project