Dr. Waheed Momand (2)

Dr. Waheed Momand

Board President Afghan Coalition

Dr. Waheed Momand was born in Kabul Afghanistan. He graduated from Habibia High school in Kabul. He has an MSEE in Automation Control Systems, and a PhD in Bio Engineering; he was a member of two Loya Jirgas (Grand Council); he has also worked as an Electronic Engineer and had held IT positions with IBM and other Silicon Valley companies.

Twenty-seven years ago, Dr. Momand co-founded the largest Afghan-American nonprofit organization in the U.S., “The Afghan Coalition”, serving tens of thousands of Afghan refugees and immigrants in California. From 2004 to 2014, he worked in Afghanistan as a Subject Matter Expert, Advisor and Chief of Afghanistan Media Desk at ISAF, for the cause of Afghanistan. Dr. Momand believes the main reason for the US failures was the wrong policies toward Afghanistan, relying on the Warlords instead of grassroots national movements.

In 2012, his ideas were instrumental to the creation of the Afghanistan National Movement (ANM). In 2019, by bringing several national movements into a coalition, the Grand National Movement of Afghanistan (GNMA) was formed. He serves as the GNMA President.